Business services for non-profit organisations

Every human being I’ve ever worked with wants to do a good job. Nobody wakes up saying ‘I want to do a bad job today.’

— Sally Jewell, CEO, Recreational Equipment Inc (REI)

The not-for-profit (NFP) sector and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) have unique challenges. There is a need to operate like a business, but the bottom line is not profit … it’s the satisfaction of key stakeholders and the users of your services.

Margaret River Business Centre can help you …

  • develop a business case for stakeholders and clients
  • undertake a SWOT analysis
  • develop a strategic plan
  • train your board on good governance, including roles of officers, agenda setting and minute taking
  • mediate difficult situations
  • understand and work with difficult board members
  • develop policies and procedures that fit your organization
  • facilitate meetings
  • evaluate programs
  • streamline your management procedures
  • review your funding applications