Barbara is a southwest local with over 35 years experience in small business advisory services, leadership development, consumer education, policy analysis and preparation, commodity marketing, and corporate governance. She is a respected and award-winning member of the professional community, widely known for her professional, no-nonsense approach.

Formal qualifications

  • Doctor of Education, adult education
  • Post-graduate study in:
    • rural sociology
    • public administration & budgeting
    • public policy
    • women’s issues


  • small business facilitation
  • accounting & financial management
  • business plan preparation
  • non-judicial conflict resolution


  • Business Development
  • Communication (writing, speaking and mass media)
  • Rural Organizations and Rural Women
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills, Initiative & Leadership
  • Group Dynamics
  • Rural, Regional and Remote Experience
  • Issues Relevant to Women
  • Training and Leadership Development Organizational Management