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Your business balance sheet

Every year at tax time, your accountant will prepare a balance sheet as well as a profit and loss statement. The P&L is usually easy to understand and forms the basis for your tax return. But do you understand your balance sheet?
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Business confidence

Currently, there is a disconnect between business and consumer confidence. Ask any small business in the Margaret River Region how they were travelling over the winter. Most will tell you that sales were very s-l-o-w.
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Business competition in small towns

Competition can be devastating for businesses in small towns but Australia is a free market system. Can you come out ahead?
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Business planning

Why write a business plan? A common question with local small business and in this age of tweeting, texting and blogging, it seems a legitimate question.
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Lean manufacturing

You will never eliminate waste entirely, but spend your time on activities that add value and are a high priority.
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